Bacque Message


Here is the text in larger print:

Omedeto Hanshin. Wow!! Eighty (80) yrs. Time does fly by; it’s already been a total of 53 yrs from the time I arrived in Japan to the present 2015. I just want to wish the whole organization the best year ever and I realize there have been many good years prior, but this one is extra special.

I was very fortunate to have been part of those years with the organization, to have so many special people, first and foremost the players who helped me the first few years, the front office workers, oba-chan in the clubhouse, the groundskeepers, and the ladies in the tea room of the ballpark. All of those people I will never forget and also my good neighbors around the apartment where I lived.

Return home to teach school, raise 5 children, do some pitching coaching at the university, raise cattle and then the university honored me by electing me into the University Hall of Fame at 77 yrs old. I really thought my accolades were complete, really surprised me.

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