Book Reviews

Here are some of the books I have read about the Hanshin Tigers, Japanese baseball, and the sport in general. The list below does not reflect the order in which they were read or reviewed. They are divided into English and Japanese, and alphabetically by author’s last name. Titles without links have been read but not yet reviewed. For ordering information, click on the thumbnail of the book cover in each individual review. Stay tuned for more!


Slugging It Out in Japan – Warren Cromartie with Robert Whiting

Throwback – Jason Kendall and Lee Judge

The Chrysanthemum and the Bat – Robert Whiting

You Gotta Have Wa – Robert Whiting

The Meaning of Ichiro – Robert Whiting


バースの日記 (The Bass Diaries) – Randy Bass

巨人−阪神論 (Giants/Tigers Discourse) – Suguru Egawa and Masayuki Kakefu

全力疾走 (Sprint) – Tsuyoshi Nishioka

阪神タイガースの黄金時代が永遠に来ない理由 (Why the Tigers’ Golden Age Will Never Come) – Katsuya Nomura

本当は強い 阪神タイガース (Hanshin Tigers – Actually Strong) – Norio Torigoe

阪神タイガース (Hanshin Tigers) – Yoshio Yoshida

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