Player Songs

Songs with links are in bold. The rest will be updated soon! I know the videos are not too exciting to listen to… they are educational tools… when you get to the games, it will sound more like this:

You can also practice “karaoke” versions of the cheers if you click on the microphone icons on the official Hanshin Tigers Cheering Squad page.

Tigers’ Theme Song – Rokko Oroshi

Scoring Chance: Wasshoi!

“Attack Chance” Song

“Chance Kiba” Cheer

“Warera no Hanshin” Cheer

#0 – Yamato

#1 – Takashi Toritani

#3 – Kentaro Sekimoto

#4 – Hiroki Uemoto

#5 – Mauro Gomez

#7 – Tsuyoshi Nishioka

#8 – Kosuke Fukudome

#9 – Matt Murton

#32 – Ryota Arai

#49 – Ryota Imanari

#50 – Akihito Fujii

#68 – Shunsuke

#99 – Keisuke Kanoh

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