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This site aims to bring weekly updates about Hanshin Tigers games in English, while providing detailed stats about the foreigners on the active roster. I hope baseball fans not only in Japan but all over the world will be able to enjoy Tigers news in their native language! Moreover, Japanese fans of baseball who wish to read about their favourite team in their second language can also enjoy the blog.


IMG_3772About the Author

Name: Trevor Raichura (トレバー・レイチュラ)

Born in: Winnipeg, Canada

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I have been living in Japan since 1998, and have loved baseball for as long as I can remember, but never really got into Japanese baseball until 2014. Living in Okinawa for twelve years, it was really hard to have a favourite team or follow any of them closely. I then spent a year in Hokkaido, and was mildly interested in the Fighters, but never really caught the fever. Then I moved to Kansai in 2011. It was nearly three years in the making, but I started to get into the Tigers and follow them regularly. Now, I watch as much as I can and attend games on occasion.

Having a baby son means attending games is not as easy as it would have been a few years ago, but that’s life. I can still watch on TV! And since I love the sport, love numbers, and love analysing statistics, following the Tigers has been a great joy! My favourite player is Matt Murton, but as I get to know all the guys, the whole team is growing on me.



Career Japanese Stats:

Year Test Level Max Score Pass/Fail
1999 Kanji Kentei 漢検 7 200 140 PASS
2000 Kanji Kentei 漢検 6 200 158 PASS
2002 Kanji Kentei 漢検 5 200 158 PASS
2009/6 Kanji Kentei 漢検 4 200 Void* Void*
2009/10 Kanji Kentei 漢検 3 200 164 PASS
2010 JLPT 日本語能力 N1 180 151 PASS
* Test was declared void because the school where I took the test failed to administer the test on the appointed date. I am positive I passed, and quite sure I scored 180 or higher. The truth will never be known.

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Mate, I’m an Aussie-Singaporean fan of the Tigers since 1986. Thanks for this blog – I just discovered it through your posting on Facebook Tigers page! I was just in Kansai area last week for vacation but unfortunately, there was no games scheduled at the fabled Koshien during my stay there. Let’s hope that we can win 3 more games to advance! Cheers!

    • Great to make your acquaintance! As you might have noticed, I’m a new fan. Doing this blog has helped me get to know the team — and its fans — very quickly! Hope to see you at Koshien someday! Stop by the site again anytime!

  2. Hi Trevor. Great site. I used to run “The Hanshin Tigers Page”. You may have come across it as it’s still on the web – but I haven’t had time to update it in recent years (it’s still stuck in a 2011 time warp). Anyway, I was glad to find your site. It’s thorough and professional, and I hope you’re able to keep it going, as I know how time consuming such a project can be! Go Tigers!

  3. Thank you for this site! I found it through the English Facebook page, too. I just recently became interested in NPB, and when reading about the different teams, the Tigers really jumped out at me. I’m an MLB Cubs fan, and there were too many similarities between the teams not to be a fan — even shared players!

    But hopefully the Tigers can win it all this year, unlike my poor Cubs!

    • Awesome! Glad you like it! I have enjoyed following the team, and yes, they are comparable to the Cubs (and Red Sox) in many ways. Hopefully they can win it all this year and break the 29-year dry spell. Keep cheering and check back any time!

  4. Hey man really cool site, I became a Tigers fan last year when I wrote a school essay on baseball in Japan. I had been using the NPB site to keep up but while searching for the logo picture tonight I came across this and was just like “no way a Hanshin Tigers site in English?!” Anyways I write a little bit and love statistical analysis. Provided its hard for a college student in Illinois to keep up with the Tigers I’d love to help out in anyway I can next year, hit me up if you’re interested!

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm for the Tigers! I am not sure what will happen with this site next year — I definitely will continue it, but let’s see how much time I can devote to it! If I need some help, I will definitely hit you up. Have you ever been to a Hanshin Tigers game? Planning to move to Japan ever? Cheers.

  5. Trevor, just ran across your site, well done! Been hunting around the web for spring training info and practice game schedules for teams who train in Okinawa. Do you have any info or websites to check regarding practice schedules for 2015? Keep up the good work!

  6. A suggestion…Would be great if you could add information on how to get Japan Baseball tickets abroad. I saw the link to this site on Flyertalk while trying to figure out how to purchase tickets to a July Tigers v Giants game and there isn’t great information out there how you can get them prior to traveling to Japan.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Definitely something I’m working on… Unfortunately ticket purchasing is really complex unless you can read Japanese so explaining it would be quite laborious. The Tigers put out a 20-page magazine just to tell their fans all the details ! Making it foreigner friendly is a huge project that is like the team to pay me to translate as it would literally take a work week to complete. I’m still thinking about how to simplify it but the Japanese details are pretty detailed. Tigers Giants tickets for the July series at Koshien, by the way, go on sale in April and fan club members get priority. I think japanball.com will get you tickets for any game at any stadium but they charge $49 per transaction.

      • Thx for the reply, Wow didn’t realize it was so complicated for Tigers, hopefully they will take a page from the Giants and build an easy to use English purchase site like the Giants. Japanball charges $59 and I thought Ticketmaster surcharges were crazy…Will the Tigers v Giants game sell out quick? I am planning on trying to navigate the Tigers site and set the tickets for pickup at Stadium if that is possible.

        Great site will be following, as Osaka/Tigers are my favorite!

      • Most of the complications are for preseason purchases and sale dates. Once the season starts it is a little more basic. I’ll try to post something a few days before all tickets are available to the public (i.e. Non fan club members). The Giants games will sell out pretty fast but one cool thing is that for fan club members you “apply” for tix during a set time period and then there’s like a lottery draw. No mad rush the minute they go on sale.

      • Hmm, pretty fast…sorry trying to gauge demand in Japan. Would the odds be good if I tried to buy immediately, I believe they go on sale 4/23…so sell out minutes/days/weeks? Looking to get S seats, would JapanBall be able to ensure tickets? Sorry for all the questions but you seem the most knowledgeable, travel forums have been ehh.

      • Ohh one more thing on Tigers ticket page there are a number of places to get tickets; Tigers site, koshien, Lawson, or PIA any rec? When in Osaka I usually go to Toracy bar in dotonbori area, any other great Tiger bars? Thanks for all the info!

  7. Great website, Trevor. I am starting to get into the Tigers too and hope to see a few games this season. They were close last year. Thanks for all of the interesting information.

  8. Trevor,
    Any way you can help those of us who live overseas figure out two things:
    -Can we watch games online?
    -How can we join the tigers fan club? Looks like they have some cool fan items

    I lived in Japan from ’87-’89 and can still do the hiragana and katakana but the kanji is basically gone.

    Nice start to the season, eh?


    • Thanks for finding the site, John! First question: there are streaming sites out there that come and go. I’ll try to find one that is easy to access (figure out) from overseas in English and post about it. Second question, unfortunately the fan club is not available to those living outside of Japan yet. I asked the club and they said no but I am going to try to convince them to make it available from next season. Cheers!

  9. I’d just like to echo everyone else’s comments here and say thanks for such a great site. It’s really great for new fans who don’t speak/read any Japanese. (such as myself…)

    Also, to help out John B., the Tigers’ in-house ToraTele costs almost nothing (~$5 a month) and is easy to set up if you have paypal. They stream/VOD a lot of the games (home games only, maybe?). It’s not so difficult to figure out even if you don’t read Japanese.

  10. I would like to know whether Mike Solomko is from Pittsburgh, PA area. I heard that he was discovered by Kaiser Tanaka, former manager of Hanshin Tigers who was working at U.S. Army golf course in Camp Zama.

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