Monthly Tigers Magazine – July 2015

The July edition hit the stands today. My copy arrived in the mail last night. It came with five player cards: Randy Messenger, Akihito Fujii, Hiroki Uemoto, Yamatoand legendary pitcher Yutaka Enatsu. Each of the next 4 issues will come with 5 more cards.

2015julycoverHere is the table of contents for this issue:

  • Opening feature: Views/Fans from Interleague
  • Close-up Interview: Shintaro Fujinami
  • Another Side View: Fujinami
  • Pinstripe Report: Breaking out of the Win-Lose Cycle
  • A Special Message From: Masaaki Koyama
  • Tigers’ Diary: Masayuki Kakefu (Part 1 of 2?)
  • Players’ Note: Fumiya Araki
  • Tigers Farm Report
  • Take Care of my Son: Taiga Egoshi
  • Tigers Data Analysis
  • Short Q & A: Kai Ueda
  • Teammates Talk About: Shoya Yamamoto
  • Advice Column: Katsuo Hirata

As always, if any of these really interest you and you’d like an English translation (or summary), drop your request in the comments section! I can’t promise anything but I’ll do what I can!

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