Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

The original article can be found here 元の記事はこちら

Reliever Shinobu Fukuhara pens a short message to his mother on this special Mother's Day baseball.

Reliever Shinobu Fukuhara pens a short message to his mother on this special Mother’s Day baseball.

Nikkan Sports interviewed 3 Hanshin Tigers about mothers. Here is what each had to say:

Randy Messenger: Without her, I would have never been born. My mom is such a such a huge part of my life. Thanks to my mom, I was born and raised to be big and healthy. The reason I was able to become a ball players is because of my size. Every year, I send her a bouquet of flowers and make sure it arrives on Mother’s Day. She always makes sure to let me know that I have good sense and that she liked them. I wonder if she liked the ones I sent this year?

Shinobu Fukuhara: My mother (Emiko) doesn’t make it out to games much anymore, but she has been rooting for me ever since I was little. She cheered twice as loud as everyone else (You can do it! You can do it!) so it was a little embarrassing at times… at the time I was embarrassed, anyways, but now I’m really thankful. If I got hurt, she would send text messages to my cell phone. My dad was really strict all along, but my mom always had my back.

Minoru Iwata: Actually I have three children of my own, so I am really thankful for my wife and mother of our kids. When I’m on the road (which is about half the month) she’s left to herself to raise the three kids, and she does a great job. Scratch that… if you throw in me and the dog, it’s like she’s really got her arms full with 5 kids! Our wedding anniversary was May 1st, so lately I gave her a present to show her my gratitude.

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