Monthly Tigers Magazine – May 2015

The latest edition of the Monthly Tigers magazine hit newsstands today and I was sure to get my copy for the morning commute. As I thumbed through it and even read an article, I realized just how cool an organization this is. Yes, this is just another way for them to market their product, but they also offer a lot to their fans in return. Chalk full of interviews, features, profiles, posters, team history and prize offers, the 410 yen cost is a bargain. It’s also Japanese reading (and sometimes translation) practice for me as well! Who could ask for anything more?

2015maycoverHere is the table of contents for this issue:

  • Opening feature: The three main forces on this 80th anniversary team
  • Close-up Interview: Tsuyoshi Nishioka
  • Another Side View: Nishioka
  • Pinstripe Report: Awakening from Spring Hibernation
  • Tigers’ Diary: Kazuhiko Kudo
  • Players’ Note: Keisuke Kanoh
  • Tigers’ History (1935-1957): Masaru Honma
  • Pop’N Talk – Hiroya Shimamoto
  • Tigers Farm Report
  • Take Care of my Son – Tsuyoshi Ishizaki
  • Tigers Data Analysis
  • Short Q & A – Taiga Egoshi
  • Teammates Talk About – Ryota Arai
  • Advice Column – Katsuo Hirata

Once again, if any of these really interest you and you’d like an English translation (or summary), let me know! I can’t promise anything but I’ll do what I can!


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