His favorite ramen

Remember in the preseason when Akihiro Yano interviewed Randy Messenger? One of the questions he asked him was, “What is the best ramen you’ve eaten in Japan?” And Randy replied that it was Yoshimuraya in Yokohama?

So this past weekend I was in that general area but did not have time to take in any games or go anywhere touristy. Fortunately for me, as I was being all Japanese and looking for last-minute omiyage (souvenirs for family and co-workers, usually snacks) I found this:

Ramen from their shop. Noodles, broth and extras so I can make it at home! The best news of all is that my wife insisted that we try the real deal sometime. So next time I go to Yokohama, I’ll try out Randy’s favorite bowl of noodles and tell you exactly how good it is. In the meantime, these remain packaged and will be eaten on a rainy day. Say, isn’t it raining today?

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