Monthly Hanshin Tigers – March Edition

monthlytigers2015-3It came out today, I got it today – the March edition of the monthly Hanshin Tigers magazine. This month’s cover features veteran pitcher Atsushi Nohmi. The table of contents looks like this:

  • Close-up Interview – Atsushi Nohmi
  • Another Side View – Atsushi Nohmi
  • Current Observations – Expectations and Uncertainties this spring
  • Introducing… Travis Mikihisa Samura
  • Players’ Note: Daiki Enokida
  • Tigers’ Diary – Yoshio Yoshida
  • Tigers Photo Topics (Spring Camp pics)
  • Special Interview – Yutaka Enatsu
  • Ticket Information
  • Farm Report
  • Teammates Sound Off – Kazuya Takamiya

If any of these articles/topics interest you and you’d like to see an English translation/summary, let me know in the comments section!

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