Spring Camp Shuffle, Other News

News out of Okinawa is that 2014 round 4 pick Koki Moriya has joined the parent club for the remainder of their time down south. Also going along is Ryota Arai, who seems to have recovered from his injury late last season. Both put up great numbers in the ni-gun exhibition games, and deserve to be in Okinawa.

Two players went up and three went down. Naomasa Yohkawa (injured left shoulder) will make the trip north to Aki and start rehab soon. Yohkawa hopes to play on the big squad come April, giving the team a much needed power boost. Infielder Naoto Nishida and pitcher Hiroaki Saiuchi will also continue their training up north.

In other news. manager Yutaka Wada took two days’ rest and even went to the hospital. It is believed to be stress-related. He returned to the team today.


Mauro Gomez and Matt Murton took outdoor batting practice for the first time this spring, with Gomez launching 5 balls over the outfield fence in 43 swings, and Murton clearing the wall twice in 39 pitches. Says Gomez: “I felt good out there, but I want to be able to do even better tomorrow. Murton showed his desire to catch up on the time he’s missed with a tweaked right thigh: “I’m still not able to do all that the team is doing out there, and am working hard to get where I should be.”



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