Monthly Hanshin Tigers – February Edition

IMG_3911It’s here! I just got my hands on the newest Monthly Hanshin Tigers magazine. Yamato’s the cover boy and this issue features a lengthy interview with him. Here is a brief table of contents.

  • Close up Interview – Yamato
  • Another side view – Yamato
  • Current observations – The 2015 Race
  • Introducing… Kentaro Kuwahara
  • Players’ Note – Koya Shimamoto’s 5th Year
  • Memories of 1985 – Katsuo Hirata
  • Tigers’ Farm Report
  • According to His Teammates – Yuta Iwasada
  • Tigers’ Data Analysis – Hitters
  • The Truth About… Sen’ichi Hoshino
  • Wada Manager Room

Want to get an English version (full or abbreviated) of any of this? Let me know in the comment section!


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