Top 10 Tiger Moments of 2014

tigers2014Fans voted on their top 10 news-making events of the year. Here they are, with links to video when possible.

#10 (tie): The Tiger Girls; Kubota of “JFK” Announces Retirement (22 votes)

#9: Manager Yutaka Wada has his contract extended (33 votes)

#8: Takahiro Arai leaves the club, returns to Hiroshima Carp (37 votes)

#7: Team loses “the war to acquire Hiroyuki Nakajima” (50 votes)

#6: Sekimoto’s pinch hit grand slam to beat the Giants (55 votes)

#5: Nishioka’s season-ending base runner interference call (104 votes)

#4: Takashi Toritani declares himself an overseas free agent (140 votes)

#3: Six individual titles won by Tigers! (221 votes)

#2: Nishioka and Fukudome collide in the outfield (363 votes)

#1: First Climax Series title won by sweeping the Giants in 4 (565 votes)


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