Murton vs. Messenger – Who wins?

I usually don’t like watching other people play video games. This video, however, is an exception. This is from before the start of the 2014 season, but presents an interesting matchup: if Messenger were to face Murton, who will win? Just as a set-up, Messenger uses himself as starting pitcher, and Murton chooses his favourite Nohmi-san. Perhaps more fun than the results of the video game is the banter between the two as they play the game. They mix Japanese and English fairly well, and it is just fun to see them having fun. Check it out if you have about 5 minutes of free time.

4 thoughts on “Murton vs. Messenger – Who wins?

  1. haha, yeah i saw this earlier. pretty funny.
    this is a good reminder to check out book-off and the like for cheap copies of pro yakyu spirits 2014

      • yeah, ive got messenger as my number one pitcher.
        this is my first baseball game since that SNES Ken Griffey Jr game. there is a lot more going on in this one…

  2. Actually, this video made me buy the game (even if it was expensive) it may not be as good looking as MLB the show but the system is really great.

    I’m currently on the starplayer mode (in which you can make your player and play in the team you prefer) as a second base for the tigers. We didn’t even reach the nippon series in 2014 and Toritani left in the 2015 season which I don’t want to consider as a bad omen because we can’t seem to get to the top 3 now 😀

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