Tsuyoshi Nishioka’s Facebook Comment

Usually, Tsuyoshi Nishioka leaves his Facebook page up to someone else, but tonight he posted a message to the fans. Here is the English translation of it:


Thank you for cheering all year!

I’m so sorry I was not able to return the favor at the very end.

The year started with an injury, but thanks to everyone’s support I was able to come back. I’m so thankful that I am able to don my uniform and play baseball!

But I am filled with regret as I think about how I lacked strength at the very end and was unable to please you all.

I wanted to win!

I wanted Hanshin to win!

I wanted to taste victory with all of you!

I take full responsibility for us not being able to win!

You do not have to sympathize with me.

You can chew me out if you want!

We play for a living, and it is because of all of you coming to the stadium to watch us, buying tickets and goods, that we are able to earn money and live!

So I will accept anything you have to say about me.

It’s my responsibility.

I just want to explain the last play of yesterday’s game from my perspective!

From the moment I hit the ball, I knew it was a double play ball.

I was fully aware of the rule that if the throw were to hit me while I was running inside the baseline, I would be called for interference!

Even when there is no runner on base, even when I am batting lefty, I run from inside the baseline towards the outer area. So knowing the rules and fearing that the ball I put in play was going to be a double play, I gambled on the slight possibility that if I ran from the inside of the line towards the outside area, right on the base line… “Come on, hit me!” I thought to myself as I was running!

I ran thinking that as long as my foot was outside the baseline when the ball hit me, that it was marginally a safe play. That’s why I did it!

That was the play from my perspective!

I know there will be some backlash from my way of thinking, but I wanted to be upfront with everyone so here I am posting on Facebook.

There are a lot of opinions about the play, and I accept them all!

But above all else, forget the running to first part, the fact that I did not get a hit on that play is my bad.

I just wanted to please the Hanshin fans, and I ended up doing the exact opposite of that!

I am terribly sorry for putting you all in a bad mood!!


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