Headline News – September 30, 2014


Just looking at today’s headlines on Sanspo.com’s Tigers page, we can see a lot of interesting things:

  • Mauro Gomez was taken too lightly by DeNA’s pitching staff twice, and he made them pay in the end with a walk-off sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 10th.
  • Seung-hwan Oh pitched two perfect innings, and was able to control his pitches well in the 9th and 10th.
  • Yamato is back in perfect form in the number 2 slot in the batting order, and now has 50 sacrifice bunts on the season.
  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka scored last night’s game-winning run, and now sports a ridiculous .625 on-base percentage as a pinch hitter.
  • Oh’s representative gave him encouraging words, saying, “I knew he would pitch this well.”
  • Fujii became the 467th player in NPB history to play in 1000 career games.
  • Ryota Arai is making progress in his recovery from lower back injury, taking 22 practice swings and clearing the fence with one of them.
  • Hiroki Uemoto has gone 24 plate appearances without a hit now. Wada wants to see him collect a few more bases in the games ahead.

2 thoughts on “Headline News – September 30, 2014

  1. off to a not-so-super start…
    even if they do manage to snag second, is homefield advantage enough?
    over the last four games, carp have scored twenty-four runs, hanshin has managed only seven…

  2. I hear ya. The lone argument I could make is that the Swallows have the worst pitching staff in the league, by far, and the Carp got to play them thrice while we only played them once (and managed a pathetic 2 runs). More alarming is that with home field advantage on the line, we managed just 1 run in 19 innings at home against a fairly weak opponent. We left the starting pitchers hung out to dry. Tonight’s game will go a long way toward determining what the Tigers are made of. Even a win doesn’t guarantee 2nd… the Giants have to beat the Carp on Sunday for that to happen. *IF* we win tonight!

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