Got it! Book Report Coming Soon!


NomuraBookI feel like I am back in grade school for saying that I will write a book report when I finish reading, but it’s true, I will. The book is not set to “release” until tomorrow but is just that good – I got it today! The book title in English is “Why the Tigers’ Golden Age Will Never Come” (loose translation). It was written by former Tiger manager Katsuya Nomura, who has also managed the Hawks, Swallows and Golden Eagles.

I hope to receive some enlightenment about the Tigers as I read, and will share what I get out of the book. This is a first for me (reading a Japanese book and reporting about it), so bear with me! It could take some time!


5 thoughts on “Got it! Book Report Coming Soon!

    • Craziness. Lots of whys in tonight’s game. Why bat Yamato #2? Why use 3 straight pinch hitters and a pinch runner? Why do they keep leaving Nishioka out of the starting lineup? (My bias shows there.) When all’s said and done though, they won so it’s all good. Enjoy the next 2 games!

      • sometimes i feel like i am the only person there who cares about anything aside from the fact that the Tigers are there. maybe im not sitting close enough to the ouendan (or maybe im too close??).
        yeah a win, and a not-too-stressful one at that. still hoping for that magical in-between of success and coach-supplanting failure though ^_^; had a few people tonight say they wanted Okada to take over.

        and as far as nishioka and fukudome go, it seems like every time i am paying attention (not taking a drink or cheering my lungs out) theyve been performing in important moments. maybe theyre best as pinch hitters, or maybe as starting rotation, i dont know, but im (happilly) tired of being embarrassed when i see them subbed in and decrying them before either pulls off a meaningful play.

        and it looks like messenger’s mom is reading your site! sweet deal that one of (if not The) best pitchers’ family is checking out your page. maybe you can parlay that into some interview (nijikai) time after a first-round CS win, i cant imagine him not being called upon for such a task ^__^

  1. as much as i like yamato, he is doing nothing at bat right now. i understand the outfield piece, but there has to be a better answer than taking up a starting batting slot. it used to be a waste when he bunted (no outs and someone on first, of course), now a bunt is best and its just wishful thinking he will happen to come out of his funk at any particular at-bat. something is up and they need to figure it out.

    • Granted, he did knock a run tonight. He also saved a botched squeeze attempt by fouling off a terrible pitch. But yeah, he belongs at the bottom of the order. But how easy would the 3 outs be for other pitchers? Yamato, catcher, pitcher. The outfielders could stay in the dugout for that half inning! Hahaha

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