Murton’s Walk-Up Song

During the off-season, I hope to be able to add information about every player’s walk-up song, and link to a youtube video of the actual song. Right now, though, I want to introduce Matt Murton’s walk-up song and the band that sings it. Until last season, he was using “Strong Tower” by Kutless. He has decided to go with something more domestic this season, though. Hokkaido’s Night de Light (ナイトdeライト) has a song called “Stain.”

Last night, the band, who is in town for a concert tomorrow evening in Osaka, attended the game thanks to an invitation by Matt Murton himself. They posted a video of themselves in the crowd when their song was blared over the speakers at Koshien. Not being a major label band, this had to be an extremely exciting moment. Link to the video is here. I’m not sure if you can see it – I am “friends” with the band on Facebook, so I can. Here’s a still shot.

NightdeLight1After the game, Murton took time to meet the band as well. Below is a picture of them with the slugger. Unfortunately, his eyes are closed. Still, a cool moment for the band and also for the man who got two hits tonight (and got beaned as well). Wishing all the best success to Matt Murton, the Hanshin Tigers and Night de Light!



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