Article Translation – Nishioka Coming Back Soon?

The original article can be found here 元の記事はこちらです

NishiokaIt looks like the long road to recovery for the Tigers’ Tsuyoshi Nishioka will soon be coming to an end. The infielder is slated to play against Western Hiroshima (Carp farm team) at Naruohama tonight (September 5).

The plan is to give him 2 or 3 at bats as DH. Because of rain earlier in the day, he was not able to take practice swings on the Naruohama Stadium field, instead working out at the indoor practice facility. He should play at DH through the end of the week, then play in the field next week. He is slowly making progress and hopes to be the catalyst that leads the Tigers to steal the division title from the Giants by season’s end.

Update: The word on Sanspo is that he took three at bats tonight, grounding out to first twice and striking out looking once. He says he was able to see the ball well, but needs to work on his timing a little more. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery, Nishioka!


2 thoughts on “Article Translation – Nishioka Coming Back Soon?

  1. Of course I am wishing a good recovery, but let’s not blame his continuing lack of production this evening on lingering injury.

    • Yeah, he has not been very productive this year (or very active, for that matter) but I am wishing him nothing but the best. He gave it his best shot in the majors, it didn’t go so well, and now I hope he can find success again in Japan, this time with my favourite team.

      Thanks for visiting the page!

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