Messenger – Mr. September

According to, Tigers’ ace import Randy Messenger is set to start tonight’s game against the DeNA Baystars. His record over the past two Septembers is astounding. In 5 starts last year, he boasted a stellar 1.15 ERA but only won 1, due to lack of run support. If you think that’s good, his 2012 numbers are even more impressive. In five starts, he went 3-1 and allowed an microscopic average of 0.95 runs per nine.

If the bats can generate even a little offence, we could see Messenger chalk up a bunch more wins this month and possibly even win the Eiji Sawamura Award. If he does, he would be the first Tiger to win the award since Kei Igawa (he of NY Yankee infamy) was a co-winner in 2003. He would also be the first import to win it since former Tigers great Gene Bacque (all the way Bacque in 1964)!


Messenger ready to kick butt.

Messenger ready to kick butt against the Baystars tonight

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