Game 1: Who’s the MAN?

Before we get to business, a little quiz. Which Tiger import is 4 for his last 6 at bats with two doubles and 6 RBIs?

a) Matt Murton

b) Mauro Gomez

c) Randy Messenger

If you guessed a) or b) I would say you chose very logically. But the answer is none other than number 54, Randy Messenger. He who, prior to his recent outbreak, was hitting 2-for-44 on the season. The interesting thing is, he has looked quite comfortable and has hit the ball very sharply.

Tonight’s game was a real nail-biter, but the Tigers came out on top, 4-3. Messenger pitched 6 innings of 2-run ball, but also walked 4 guys and had to strike out the side in the 6th with the bases loaded to preserve the lead for his team. Needless to say, he was named Hero of the Night. Here is the interview:


Interviewer: He threw, he hit, he ran! He did it all tonight, Randy Messenger! How do you feel?

Messenger: I feel great! The team did a great job tonight. I was able to get out of that big jam in the sixth inning. Thankfully I did, it gave us the win today.

Interviewer: First, about your hitting. How did you feel about that double you hit?

Messenger: I felt great. Any time you can help yourself at the plate and drive in runs is a plus as a pitcher. You know, our job is to pitch. So like I said, it’s just a plus to drive in runs.

Interviewer: And after that, on Toritani‘s [sacrifice] fly you made it home! What was that like? 

Messenger: Yeah, I just wanted to make sure I got across home plate. For Tori, especially and the team. It’s just a great feeling any time you can get on base and help your team score runs, it’s great.

Interviewer: And then in the sixth, you drove in two runs. Great hitting!

Messenger: Yeah, it was lucky, I guess. You know, I was thinking change up, he left a change up up, and I was able to drive it into the outfield, like I said, I just got lucky today.

Interviewer: That hit is being shown on replay now. Let’s talk about your pitching. Right after that in the bottom of the sixth, there were no outs and the bases were loaded, and you struck out three guys in a row. Did you put a little extra into your pitches?

Messenger: Yeah, that’s when you’ve got to bear down. I don’t feel like I had good control today, but in that inning, I slowed myself down, relaxed, and made sure I made my pitches.

Interviewer: Well, Mr. Messenger, game one of the Giants series is over. And personally, you reached double digits in the win column again. Surely later in the season you’ll have the assignment of shutting down the Giants again. How are you going to approach those games?

Messenger: Yeah, any time I get the ball, I just want to go as deep as I can into the game, give the team an opportunity to win. Like I said, it’s a team game. Thanks to the guys getting on base. I was able to drive them in, they played good defence behind me. Imanari made a good play for a double play. I just want to keep pitching, do my job, and give us a championship.

Interviewer: Very encouraging words at the end. He pitched, he hit, and he ran! Ladies and gentlemen, Randy Messenger!

Because of a family vacation, this will be my last blog update until the end of the month. For frequent game reports, check out Tiger Tails blog. See you at the end of the month, readers! GO TIGERS!

One thought on “Game 1: Who’s the MAN?

  1. got to admit that i lost my shit with that uemoto bunt in the 8th and then subbing fukudome over arai ryota. of course tsuruoka came in with the pitcher change, and then there was a HR to suddenly bring it to 4-3. i went to the toilet in anger and fortunately came back in time to see tigers finish batting at the top of the ninth. oh came in and it was a bright new day, methodically closing out the game to legitimize our nijikais.
    it was close to being blown, some of the pinch hitters didnt jive with me, but it didnt blow it (didnt help at all either).

    enjoy the family vacation

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