Translation – Hero Interview 7/16/2014

Randy Messenger – Hero Interview (July 16, 2014)

Note: The transcript for the interview was taken from this website. I did not hear the original, so I do not know exactly what Randy said in English.


Congratulations on the big win, Randy.

“Arigato, arigato!”

You pitched really well, but what made it all click tonight?

“All my pitches were working for me tonight. I mixed the curve in well with the other pitches, and my forkball was on as well. Umeno (the catcher) called a great game, and the team got me enough runs to win.”

It was a good pitching battle between you and Yoshimi, but in the end, you tied your personal best with 13 strikeouts…

“As I said earlier, Umeno called a great game. Fukudome made some nice plays in the field as well. The fielders bailed me out time and again.”

Now you’ve won three starts in a row, as have Iwata and Fujinami.

“Lately the guys have been putting up runs when I’m on the mound. All I have to do is protect the lead they are giving me.”

The first half of the season ended today. Tell us what you hope to see happen in the second half.

“We’ve been playing really good ball as a team lately. Hopefully we can keep this going in the second half, gain more ground on first place and hopefully we can win the championship.”

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